Almost everything in this box is beautifully and lovingly made in the UK. This box is for the young lady in your life who, quite often, usual on a Thursday night, doesn’t make it home. Let’s not dwell on what a ‘Dirty Stop-out’ gets up to (we’ve all done it)! This box can be stored in the office draws, and used at the gym showers to make her all fresh for work on Friday morning.

Listerine Mouth Wash 95ml
Woman’s Deodorant 75ml
Mitchell and Peach Shampoo Travel Size 50ml
Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash Travel Size 50ml
Colgate Tooth Brush & Paste
Optrex Red Eye Reducer
Filberts of Dorset Luxury Lip Balm

*All our skincare products are free from Parabens and SLS, with natural fragrances.